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Originally Posted by Alexa RnQ View Post
My cynical side says:
But if the judges' rumor mill is spinning in that direction, well and good. Just giving thought that it *might* happen might give some judges pause. And for the majority that are handing down thoughtful, well-considered scores, well, what would they have to worry about?
I have to disagree with this - When / If KCBS starts sending letters out and banning judges for "not in line" judging then the whole process is useless! Our Q will not be judged fairly by the judges out of fear that they will be written up or banned from judging. What happens when that judge that is handing down thoughtful, well-considered scores gets a sub-par entry? Does he/she not give it a rightful score for fear that thier "average" will go down? Or that judge on infamous Table 5 who thinks that what they cook in their back yard is better than everything there - you know the guy/gal who doesn't give anything higher than a 7. Does he/she start dishing out 8's and 9's for fear of banishment?

Now I am a competitor (never judged) so I have had many moments where I said 'What the hell are those judges thinking? That was the best chicken/ribs/pork/brisket I ever cooked" and ended up middle of the pack or worse. Or even take a 1st in a category one week and the next week not walk doing the same exact thing! So I know and understand the frustrations and confusions when it comes to judging. I think we all need to take a moment and realize that every competition is different - different meat (not the same exact cow, pig, chicken), different tables, different judges, different altitude/humidity/temperature, different teams, etc...But the underlying constant we see is that the "Top" teams continue to win! Not only winning on thier home filed but winning when they travel to other states as well. They are winning where the "difference" is multiplied many times.

I can only see that if KCBS starts "judging the judges" and pushes them to the "norm" then we as competitiors will still not be happy with the outcome! If this happens remember this post at the next comp you go to and there is a 5 way tie for 1st in chicken!
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