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For a general home use cooker, the Hasty-Bake is as good as it gets. You can sear, cook/bake, and smoke; all on the same cook with easy on-the-fly adjustments. I lusted after one for more than 10 years, moved to Tulsa and after driving by the manufacturing plant every day for a year, could no longer control my urge to own one.

The cooker is made in Tulsa, OK. The company sales rep (and cooking class instructor) of 13 years left the company opened a BBQ restaurant with a partner. They cook all food exclusively on a bunch of Hasty-Bake cookers. Burn Co. (I question the wisdom of the name, but cannot question the product). Opens around 10:30 am, line all the way out the door by 11:00 am, usually sold out of food for the day by shortly after 12:00. Without question the best BBQ in town. All fresh - no food carried over from previous day.
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