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Originally Posted by bizznessman View Post
There are many established businesses that may view your operation as a threat. They have invested large amounts of money, time and reputation in their business and that means OVERHEAD COSTS.

The one event we did, out of our house, was seen as a threat to a local restaurant (they don't even serve BBQ...???) and they turned us in to the local HD. We got a polite but stern visit from the HD and that is when we decided that it wasn't worth the hassle or possible liability.

Our solution was to rent a licensed kitchen on a per event basis. We also purchase per-event liability insurance for each catering job. We only do 2-3 per year so this works best for us. If we were to decide to do this as our sole income, or a large number of events, we would go ahead and build/purchase our own commercial kitchen.

your post is great and very helpful not only to the original poster but to me also. I never thought about just renting out a kitchen like that. I will have to do some checking on that.

How did a restaurant find out? Were you advertising in the paper?

As far as being a threat to others I don't think so, as there is plenty of work to go around. In most cases maybe not

And its funny I did some research and I can't find his so called legal business that he has invested so much money and time with. There is no catering companies with his phone number in his area, nor is there a health inspection for him with the county. So.... I am thinking that he may be just as illegal as most private bbq caters are.
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