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Default Hasty-Bake heads-up @ Crate and Barrel

Long time lurker, first-time poster. If you open this thread, you likely know what a Hasty-Bake is and how well they're regarded.

Crate and Barrel is running a summer clearance sale on the Legacy for $599. Anyone longing for this grill likely knows it's a grand everywhere else.

They also have the cover for $100. A store in Alpharetta had one of each in stock.

After lusting after it for a few years, that price drop compelled me to buy. Set it up last night and made some really delicious hamburgers over a bed of Kingsford and applewood. I've never tasted a burger like that, and look forward to a few decades with this thing.

Couldn't say that for my Costco-procured Traeger, which began to rust just 6 months into ownership, and never got hot enough for a proper sear or bake. Not to bash on the Traeger, it just isn't wasn't for me, and YMMV!
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