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something I bring home from a nightclub

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looking good.
I managed to track down some Expanded metal for a decent price. Delivery is + 10 though. Maybe you have a branch near you? they have a few around the country.
Yeah I had a look at that site and was going to order it then found this washing machine drum cheap so thought id give it a go.

After all a UDS is supposed to be bits thrown together from what you can find

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Nice UDS there Tyrone1Wils, and nice to see another fellow Brit on here. I am half way through a build myself. I don't know where you are based but if you fancy a beginners class we (the UK BBQ Association) have one planned for Nottinghamshire second weekend in August (no charge as it is for Help for Heroes). Send me a pm if you want more details as I don't want to hijack your thread. ;)
I actually live in Peterborough, so not that far from yourself actually. That would be awesome but unfortunately I'm at a family wedding in Kent that weekend!

Sounds like it would be a good day and a good cause (HFH and BBQ ;) )
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