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Originally Posted by MoKanMeathead View Post
We had our fist experience with the new score sheets this past weekend. I do like the additional information - HOWEVER - our scores were wrong and the score of at least one other team was wrong.

Here were the issues with our scores:
1. If you add up the 5 highest individual judges scores for pork the total is 162.24. When you look at the Pork scoring sheet the total shows 163.9544. The score for Judge 2 is wrong.
2. When you look at the pork score on the overall sheet it says 162.8000 No idea where that came from.
3. The Team Detail Report shows we were on table 4 for pork the pork score sheet shows we were on table 7.

There was another team that won Ribs with a 178.8572 but they actually should have had a 180!! 5 Judges gave them 999.

Bottom Line - Check your new score sheets CAREFULLY!
I noticed an error (.oo56) in scoring also in one of my categories. New Palestine, IN
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