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Default I'm still cooking... Tacos, Turkey, & Bacon.

I know it's been awhile since I've posted anything but, honestly, I'm still cooking as much as possible. Unfortunately, I'm almost constantly busy lately with business and family so, cooking at times seems to be out of necessity instead of enjoyment.

Anywho, on to the food! Pork Butts were on sale recently, this was great because, welll... when isn't it great? I mean honestly, who doesn't love it when one of the most common and most versatile cuts of meat is on sale? I picked up a nice twin pack and removed the fat caps to make bacon out of. (It's cheaper than the stuff on the shelf now a days.) Then I sliced up the boneless halves to make some pork steaks. Sorry, no pictures of those but, I promise, they were awesome. Then I deboned the rest and chunked it out. There had been a request for tacos at the house. I didn't have any ground beef (it's FARKIN EXPENSIVE!) but, I did have these pork chunks. I rubbed them down with taco seasoning and some Pig Pollen.

Then from there they went onto the grill.

They caught a direct sear then finished up with some indirect. Here are the two batches when they came off.

That night it was tacos with potato crowns and the next day it was wraps. Gotta love a meal that keeps on giving.

Did I mention something about Bacon earlier? This is what I call my Northwoods Style Bacon. It's similar to Hillbilly bacon. I do it the super easy way though. I cut the fat cap off of a Pork Butt trying to go about 1.5" deep. After that, I rub them down with some of my Gettin' Roasted season all and then bag them up. The first cap didn't come off nicely but the second one was a beauty.

After hibernating in the fridge for 3 days, flipping them over every day, they were ready to meet the indirect side of the grill. I rinsed off the caps and then dusted them down lightly with some GR again.

I cooked it over 3 hours until it hit an internal of 160. From there it went straight to the fridge to cool down.

Then the slicing! Even made one of the packages look all grocery store pretty.

All and all I ended up with about 4lbs of delicious homemade bacon. There is a bunch more flavor than regular bacon and it's got the added benefit of tasting extra special because I made it myself.

Like I said before, time hasn't been my friend when it comes to cooking lately. I had thawed out a turkey for a little Thanksgiving in July but, my week got away from me and I was left with an hour an a half to cook a whole turkey on the grill! The only option I had was to carve it up and cook it up in pieces. So, that's just what I did. I got the bird carved up by boning out the breasts and then removing the legs, thighs, and wings. I then rubbed it down with some Chicken Dust.

The breasts went on the direct side of the grill and the wings and leg quarters went on the indirect side. The plan was to get the breasts done as quickly as possible and let the rest take the slow ride for me to have for lunch at work tomorrow.

The breasts took 4 flips and about an hour and 10 minutes. When they hit the table there wasn't anytime for taking pictures and I was lucky to even get my hand back. For the other pieces though, they were done about 15 minutes after that and boy did they look darn tasty!

The family agreed that the turkey was awesome and my father in law was impressed that I was able to cook a whole turkey in such a short amount of time.

Just remember, even though I might not be around often, I'm always cooking.

Thanks for looking!
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