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Originally Posted by jonmhenderson View Post
What kind of wrong smoke elements are you talking about?
That's a good question...I'm too new too smoking to be sure. Am thinking it might be creosote. Only as of my last two cooks have I been keeping track of the time between pouring the partial chimney of lit coals over the pan of unlit (giving it 25-30 minutes). Have not cleaned the smoker since starting to use it, and no doubt I adjust the intakes too frequently (don't wait long enough after each change). The effect I'm talking kind of "vague"...not just my attempt to describe it, but the taste itself. Sometimes, I'm actually not sure whether to think a piece of meat is over smoked or under smoked. Does that make any kind of sense? Does it sound like an effect that creosote might create? Wish I could describe it better.
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