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Originally Posted by Damn True View Post
Is that traditionally served along side the ribs to be spooned over by diners or is it applied during the cook? I recall getting it both ways during my stay there but don't recall which was more common.

Same sorta sauce for pulled pork?

How about rubs?
traditional eastern NC style bbq is just a whole hog chopped. everything is chopped, including the ribs. they will lightly sauce the chopped pork and usually they have a bottle of sauce on the table if you want more. the sauce shouldn't include any ketchup. go west for that. cider vinegar, crushed red pepper, black pepper, salt, and brown sugar is a good place to start. i like a few dashes of texas pete in the sauce, too.

i'm a Wayne County, NC native. it's generally thought of as the heart of eastern NC bbq country.

mustard based sauce is a South Carolina thing

i could write pages upon pages about NC and its bbq culture. i spent 4 years in school in raleigh and eastern vs. western style is a huge debate up there. once you get east of I-95, it's no debate, though. vinegar reigns down here. in my opinion, what's even better than traditional chopped is a whole hog pig picking with vinegar based sauce. we usually chop whatever is left.
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