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Thanks for the replies, looking forward to getting her finished.

As above I tried to get some expanded metal but found it hard to source where I live in the UK so opted for a washing machine drum with a few modifications.

Have an update.

Gave my UDS a lick of paint today, must say shes looking a lot nicer than she was. Heres some pics.

Nice and black.

Then I set to work on the washing machine drum, firstly I decided i needed to remove some of the top of the drum. This was the end result, compare it to above.

Much better! Will be better for those temps.

Then I went on to drill some extra holes in the bottom of the drum.

Looking better already. Then went on to drill extra holes in the side, done about 30 holes when my drill decided to stop working

This is one side then I have the same in two other places evenly spaced.

Now the question I have is, do you think I should borrow someones drill to make even more holes round the side or will it be okay as it is?

Thanks for reading brothers.
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