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Originally Posted by Nutz4bbq View Post
I think Rod nailed it with the golf analogy...

golf clubs are rated in several categories such as game improvement, senior players and better players. Here is my two cents on his comment...

pellet burner= game improvement

stick burner = better players

I heard Johnny Trigg say on one show...(parapharse) "if they're using a pellet cooker I know they're amateurs".

I have a stick burner because I wanted to learn fire management and I don't mind baby sitting the pit. Plus I like the idea of man and fire...woohoo, I get excited just thinking about dragging my wife across the cave... oh wait!! Lost my train of thought... anywho, Pellet burners are more set and forget in my humble opinion.
I use both. Both types of cookers have their place. If I'm wanting a classic BBQ smoke flavor, I'm using the stickburner. If I want to spend time with my family or doing something else, I use the pellet pit. Both have good smoke flavor and both make great 'Q, it just depends on which I feel like that day. I'm sure Rod still fires up the FEC's every now and again.
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