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Default Thanks to forum - baby back ribs on new UDS a success (pics)

Just want to say thanks for all the great advice on here. After reading dozens of threads over the last couple of weeks I went out and got myself a UDS from a local welder, as seen below. Want to build my own at some point but figured this was a good way to get a feel for things.

Seasoned it per the advice here on the boards and decided to fire it up for its first smoke on Sunday. Decided to go with some baby back ribs at temps of 240-250 for ~4 hours. Did four 2.25lb racks.

Per the great advice on here by N8man ( got the UDS up and running in no time.

I was surprised at how well the UDS held temperatures, but it took some adjustments to get it where I wanted it. I found that when I closed both 1" openings and left the ball valve wide open it would settle in around 210-200 degrees, so in order to get it up to 240-250 I opened one of the openings and then trimmed the ball valve back. Once the temps got there they generally stayed there!

Here's some picks of the ribs on the UDS as well as the finished product.

This coming weekend I want to do some brisket and pork shoulders. We have a party of ~40 people coming over. I've seen other posts suggesting that doing both at the same time is very feasible - I guess I just need to get the timing figured out. Seems like both can be smoked around 210-220 degrees?

Any thoughts/tips on how to execute this would be appreciated! Have to go back through some of the threads to get the gameplan in place but am looking to finish smoking these things maybe 2-3 hours before chow time and foil both of them and stick them in a cooler. That's okay?

Thanks again, forum!!
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