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Originally Posted by oig2scout View Post
I like it, I had great ribs and was the #1 on that table but they trashed everyone on the table. Looking over the other categories with one exemptions they beat up on all their boxes. Proves the long held theory..."sometimes it IS the table you end up on!
Last weekend I won my rib table by over 7 points, but ended up 16th of 32. That table placed 16, 23, 29, 30, 31, 32. I'm sure it's possible that the four worst boxes ended up on one table, but not real likely. But, hey, I will spend more time on the boxes that fell in the bottom half of the table and not worry as much about ribs.

I do like the format. While more information will give us more reasons to bitch, the table ranking and ability to see average table scores will help me know were I need to improve and what was probably just a gift table or bad table.
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