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Originally Posted by Ron_L View Post
I don't like the spacing on those, either (except the Superior) I cooked on a Rebel 23 this past weekend and if I used one for competitions I would only use three shelves. I would leave out the second shelf down, and not use the bottom shelf. On my Party I had the rails built for 4 equally spaced shelves. 4" or 4.5" just isn't enough clearance for big butts without taking off some rub, so with the stock spacing butts would go on the third shelf down or the bottom shelf. The same would be true for a big brisket. We had one on Saturday that wouldn't fit in the 3.5" shelf spacing on the Rebel, and from looking at it it would have been very tight at 4.5"

I like the equal 6" spacing on the Assassin 28 much better, but the weight would be an issue.

I'm still impressed by your Assassin. It's just that my primary use is for competitions and the tighter spacing on the top two shelves would be limiting for me. I'm sure that Jeff could do one with four equally spaced shelves, or even with one less shelf if asked.

I am having one built right now, I have had multiple conversations with Jeff on the phone about configurations of the racks. The one I ordered was the 28, after long consideration with what I needed which was going to be heavy on the competition side as well as catering as I do want to do that on the side if anyone wants my bbq. The rack configuration I did as I tried to maximize space while giving me enough room for all 4 categories.

From the top to the bottom, the first 4 racks are 3.5" then the last two are 5". Which is perfect for mass catering, ton of room for ribs, chicken and the bottom two to max out with 12 butts at a minimum. Now for the competition side, I can remove the top and the third rack which will give me 7", 7", 5", 5". The assassin 28 is obviously heavier but I needed the room and from what I see and understand it is easily movable on hard surfaces and plywood so I dont expect any issues as 95% of time it will be on a concrete/asphault. I personally think this was the best set up for an Assassin 28. Total 6 rack space brings my assassin to just over 3700 sq inches which will be over 200 sq inches more than a maxed out 5 rack stump stretch. For $3000 and another $50 per rack, $3100 out the door thats insane.
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