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Default First cook with charcoal!

Well, this has been a long time coming. I've been using gas using a smoker box for good smoke. Finally got my dark blue performer, made some level ground (i live on a hill basically) and fired up the charcoal! Here's my first cook. This is a bit long, but I wanted to capture the whole thing. Thanks for looking.

Italian sausage with onion and peppers.

Potato wedges seasoned with Season All. Should have used more or maybe herbs like sage.

Finally firing up the performer. Kingsford with 4-5 chunks of apple in there. Gas assist starter kicked on in a second, and we were on our way! Still need to get a chimney starter.

Got the peppers and onions soft and sweet! All marinating in apple cider vinegar, beer and a little sugar.

Then potatos to smoke indirect for about 1-1.5 hours.

Did sausages indirect for about an hour. Could have gone longer but everyone was getting impatient for good eats. Seared them right over coals. Then let them marinate in the peppers.

And finally the plated shot! Was actually surprised that it got a nice smoke ring! My first smoke ring actually. Sausage was great with a crisp pop. Potatos could have been better. I'll have to keep working on them.
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