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Originally Posted by creekwalker View Post
Yes, I've been to Allen and Son a number of times over the years. Like a lot of online reviewers, I find them extremely inconsistent--but most of the time, they make one of the three truly great examples of pork bbq I've ever had. One of the others was O.T.'s in Apex, and the third place is on the Durham end of hwy 55 and still open: Backyard BBQ Pit. Like Allen and Son, their stuff has an even stronger smoke taste than what I've made--yet mine tastes over-smoked, apparently because some of the smoke elements in it are the wrong kind.
I agree, A&S can be terribly inconsistent. When it's good though, it is really good. They also have drop dead gorgeous good hushpuppies. As much as I love the place, I will be the first to say that their prices are truly ludicrous. Southern food is humble and cheap to prepare- that is, until the owners oblige the naivety of Chapel Hill yuppies who are more than willing to pay an arm and a leg for what essentially just arrived from the Sysco foods truck (I'm looking at you, Mama Dip.)

It is refreshing to go somewhere like Lexington #1 or Hursey's, where the menu prices are much more reasonable.
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