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I was thinking I did not put any shot of the smokering on my burgers. So when I did up some more burgers today I took some pictures:

Picked up some oak for the first time yesterday. I do not count the bag of Jack Daniels chips I picked up a few months ago. I was walking through my mother's garage and noticed some pieces of trim from some moulding she had added above her kitchen cupbourds....they looked like good untreated wood so I smelled it. Haha..I thought it was oak and it was so now I have it all. I tested it before I put the food on and it smelled sweet so I used it. I know alot of you will scoff at the use of trim wood....but look at this:

or this:

The taste was not as strong as hickory but then again I gotta think much of the flavour is gone out of this wood. My smoke was clean most of the way through the smoke and the food tastes not at all like creasote. I am thinking I need to lay my hands on some white and red oak as these burgers are tasty and I am happy happy happy.
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