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first Grill: In 2000 my fiancÚ and now wife and I had just moved into an apartment and needed a little grill so I bought a Weber go-anywhere gasser. Never ruined anything on it but it's not that big so no real epic cooks but it has always been a faithful companion to many a camping and tailgating trips. I even replaced the the flavorizer grate on it and the igniter still even works.

2nd: A POS COS given to me by my Uncle that was moving out of state. He had never really used it much and I hade some great cooks and some epic fails. I did some research and tried a few mods but was never really happy with it. I was able to turn out some good pork buts, chickens, turkeys, and salmon. But every time I tried a brisket it was just an epic fail.

3rd: Weber Q100 wanted something a bit bigger than the go-anywhere for camping. I like it but man it runs HOT!! I have charred some stuff on that baby!!

4th: 2006 The wife and I bought a house and needed a patio grill so we bought a Weber Geneses Silver C. It has turned out many a fine steaks and your typical fare. I ruined a couple of nice porter houses on it due to a grease fire :-(

5th: 2013 found the Brethren and built a UDS and love it!! Everything that comes off there is awesome. I'm not a saucer or a looker so the UDS was a perfect match. And I finally nailed that brisket I was looking for!!

6th: Had to buy a Weber 22.5 OTS for the lid for my UDS, I love it too!!

A little long winded but that's my grill story!!
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