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Is lookin for wood to cook with.
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Originally Posted by mikeleonard81 View Post
Yes sir! I'm a newly turned s&p only also! Never looking back on all that money on rubs again

amen- rubs are a very expensive way to ruin outside brown!

and NOTHING beats outside brown.

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stepandfetch, you said in the thread on your pit:

"That reminds me- with this traditional technique, you must add a shovelful of coals every half hour or so. The beauty of having coals right under the meat is that when the fat, collagen, connective tissues, etc burns off, it drips down into the coals, and then steam/ smoke drifts back up to the meat- this adds great flavor which you would miss with drip pans."

That's music to my ears. About how far up from the coals is your food grate? The success you've had with your rig would seem to make hash of the UDS rule that meat should be at least 24 inches above a direct fire. (Although it was already just about hash in my mind.)

Ah you are from Durham. Do you ever make it out to Allen and Son on Millhouse Rd? in my opinion, no other joint in the state can match the smokiness of A&S bbq,
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