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Is lookin for wood to cook with.
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creekwalker- Originally the coals were 3 cinder blocks (24 inches) from the grate. I discovered very quickly that it took far too many shoveled coals to bring the temps at the grate level to 200 F. My stack of split hickory wood dwindled far too quickly. I removed one level of blocks, so now there is only a distance of 16 inches from the bed of coals to the grate. This has worked perfectly for me- I only have to shovel coals every 45 minutes or so to keep temps up. I keep my temps at around 200 F. At this level, it takes about 9 hours to finish a 7 lbs butt... more time over the coals, more smoke in the meat.

Jrod- yea I like that the entire pit can be deconstructed and moved to the back of a truck. BTW, I have yet to see any cinder blocks crack or explode from the heat. It is a neat set up... also quite affordable.
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