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Thanks Bob. You have given me a lot to think about and a bunch of excellent sounding meal options. My mind is reeling with options but it sounds like I need to get together some quality ingredients first then start experimenting. I definitely see some steak & chicken skewers (kind of yakitori style) using the marinade option in our future.
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Marinating works better in my opinion, the flavor gets into the meat better. I grew up around a large community of Hawaiians, and I rarely saw them marinate the meat. My family, not Hawaiian, marinated the meat overnight. It functions a lot like a brine due to the salt content. All methods will yield excellent food. The first method I listed is how we used to do the steak dinner cooks for the Berkeley Buddhist Temple, bunch of Kanakas, cooking and they did it their way. 500 steaks a day, never a complaint. The last method, if you use chicken instead of steak, that is how we used to cook the chickens for the church bazaar at Berkeley Methodist United Church. We ran through as many as 1000 halves a day. Open pit, the only difference was that with chicken, you have a longer cook. We used three 'tares', one with very little sugar and a little vinegar. A second with the sugar and a little vinegar and the third with sugar and yuzu. Our chickens were deeply flavored, deeply browned but, never burned. I learned to cook a lot of chicken, open pit, in wire racks that way.
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