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Default 2006 Memorial Day Mini Bash at Greg's

Bill (Willkat9, Bob (MrB1984), Bob's Son, Jason, and me spent the day at Greg's place for Memorial Day weekend Mini-bash, Part Deux today.

We had a blast, as you might expect. We cooked some burgers (cheddar-bacon and jalapeno-Monterrey Jack), some Brats from a local meat market, a special stuffed fatty (see below) and some of Greg's jerky. After we ate too much, we went for a cruise on Greg's boat. I had a chance to do a little fishing and caught a nice largemouth bass (about 18").

We also saw the new trailer-based pit that Bob built over the winter for competitions. He did a great job! the pit looks fantastic. The cook chamber is 72" long and 31" diameter and is made of a single sheet of 1/4 inch steel that was rolled into a tube. The firebox is made of 1/2 inch plate steel and is about 24" x 24" x 24". We (OK, Greg and Bob) coated the inside of the pit with peanut oil and then we started the first burn to season it. It took about 45 minutes for the pit to come up to temp and stabilize. Form there, we took the temps close to 400 degrees and back down and repeated this a couple of times.

Now, back to the stuffed fatty. This is a special version of my Fatty Ronello from a while back. I took a link of fresh chorizo and removed the skin. then I cut a slit in it with a knife and shoved in a 1/2 inch square by 6 inch long chunk of Habanero Jack cheese and closed the chorizo back up. Then I took a regular fatty and cut a slot in it and stuck in a couple of slices of poblano pepper, then the chorizo, and then more poblano and sealed it back up. We cooked it for about three hours and sliced it...

It was pretty danged good!

All of the pictures from today are online here. The pics were taken with my camera phone, so the quality sin't great, but they came out pretty well.
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