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Default UDS Build/First cook

I like to say I am excited to be apart of the forum. Just recently build a UDS over the past week or so. Tested it out yesterday with a 3lb pork shoulder...took about 5 hours to do at 223-250 degrees. Came out real good and enjoyed it. Several questions that I have and hoping that you experienced smokers can answer some questions. I am hosting a party this weekend for about 30-40 people. Going to smoke some shoulders for the party to make pulled pork sandwiches

1. Been looking at some shoulders at the store and it looks like they have a lot of 15+ lbs shoulders. My questions is, if i smoke the whole 15+lb shoulder i read somewhere that its about 1.5 hours per pound which is about 24 hours. WOuld it be better to smoke the shoulder over the 24 hour period or would it be easier if i cut it up in 3 or 4 different piece and maybe smoke them about at 5lbs a piece? I know with having a 15 lb shoulder, ill have to change my coals and wood out half way thru. Not worried about this, just seeing if its okay to smoke around the 24 hour period.

2. Any tips on smoking in the Las Vegas is suppose to be around 108 degrees this weekend, kinda concerned about the heat on my UDS and controlling the temp....any tips?

Please help if you know. Thanks
Here are some pics of my first smoke for a test run.
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