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i had to use a 25cfm fan and i use the stoker system. I used a 1 and 1/2" by 16" black iron pipe with a cap and drilled staggering air holes on either side of the pipe. the pipe is then routed through the back of the fire box using a 1/2" coupler and a 4" black iron pipe nipple. I would highly suggest that if you do put the pipe in and use threaded pipe to pt some anti-seize on when assembling it or you will never get it to come out. I used an end cap on my pipe which you can see and should have used anti-seize on it to help with clean out from where ash falls into the pipe. Now that i have my new firebox i have the holes turned down so that ash that falls doesn't fall into the pipe. you can also search fellow brethren on youtube pitmaster t and search pitmaster t stoker and you can see his videos where he did several test with the stoker and a stick burner.
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