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Originally Posted by TailGateJoecom View Post
Cool. Next thing you need to do is work on your online presentation. I do web design/consultation, check out my site. I try and put up some enticing photos of my stuff. Heck, look at the writeup I did for the burger we serve, you can see what I mean by giving your food the appearance of being special. I have video clips where we actually pulled random people at my party and asked them to say a few words about TGJ and they gave great testimonials. You want to give the perception of quality, something special. Nobody wants to serve cheap or average food to their friends or family.

Hope it all works out for you!!

I will definitely check out your site. I just don't know if I'm ready for the web thing yet. I gotta figure out what I'm doing first. I've only done 2 small festivals and I'm already getting more requests than I ever expected. Not many people around here have had competition style BBQ. It's just all commodity bbq at the local restaraunts. Evidently word is getting around that I'm serving great food. Which is good, but I need to do some more studying on what is the best way for me to make money doing this. Maybe I need a catering and vending consultant. Is there such a thing. I've agreed to do 2 catering jobs already (meat only). But people are already asking about catering more parties and reunions. Just cooking the meat ain't gonna fly for everybody. The people who are telling me to jump in with both feet have no idea what it takes to put great bbq on the table. And I'm not gonna do it for a $3-400 profit. Anyway, thanks again for the advice. Gonna go finish my cost analysis and see where I am.
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