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Default UDS Build From The UK

Hi, Thought I would make a thread for my UDS build I am doing.

It all started when I started watching ManVFood then I went on the watch DDD. (I have watched every episode of MvF ) I then wanted to sample BBQ food, so I went to Bodeans in London, which was tasted good to me! I then thought it must not be anything like american style BBQ as the food was most likely reheated and not fresh and I thought i could give it a go myself and maybe produce better results.

That got me thinking what i could use, I then searched online for smokers and saw the ProQ range and WSM, both of which I couldnt justify the price of, so I started to look at smoker forums and found this amazing place! I then saw the term UDS being thrown around so done some research and decided thats what I wanted to build!

Which lead me to other forums and plans for UDS'.

I then purchased a 45 Gallon barrel. After receiving this I ordered a step drill bit and drilled my intake holes, grill holder, thermometer and also exhaust holes ending up with this.

I drilled 8 1/2-3/4 inch exhaust holes as recommended on one forum. It was stated that this gave the users a more stable temp.

I also drilled three 1 Inch holes for the intakes and will control the air flow with fridge magnets as I wanted to keep this as simple as possible for now.

I then sourced a wooden pallet from my GF's dad and spent a good hour breaking it up sweating like a pig in this ridiculous weather and then proceeded to burn the barrel out. This was good fun but I don't think the neighbors were best pleased!

Looked a bit like this.


That was good fun!

Its all burned out and cleaned up now just waiting for my paint to arrive so I can tidy this bad boy up.

Today my washing machine drum arrived which ill use for my coal basket and it was bigger than i thought it would be! but it still fits, I'm going to have to drill holes in the bottom for air flow.

This is where I need some advice, shall I drill bigger holes in the side of the drum? Pics to follow. or is it okay as it is?

Also shall I cut off the bit on the top to make the top portion wider?

Once I've got the paint and basket ready and received my pit thermometer I'll update this thread with more pictures and info. Looking forward to my first cook on this!

Thanks for reading. :D
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