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That's very good!

No mods are required. A lot of people choose to foil the water pan and leave it empty instead of filling with water. Some fill it with sand. Others put a 14in clay pot base in it.

You can go nuts with doing goofy stuff to it, but it can also be a perfect smoker right out of the box. I have clay pot bases in mine. I've added a 3rd shelf that I can optionally use between the two shelves. I've add a 1 inch nipple to the bottom with a ball valve for optimal air control and connecting easily to an IQ. I've added an extra 1 inch nipple vent into the lid so that I can very easily ramp up the temp for high heat cooking. I've used foil tape around the access door (after turning it upside down which helps air from leaking out) in order to completely seal it. I've turned the charcoal grate upside down so that the ring sits inside of the metal ring and helps hold the charcoal better in place. I've added a second charcoal grate to the bottom in order to create a cross section so the charcoal doesn't fall through the grate. Some have added handles to the side so it's more easy to pick up the center section.

But like I said... you don't really have to do anything!
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