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That sounds like a good time to me!

I haven't had that happen, but a few weeks ago after doing a big ribs and chicken cook on 2 drums, turned mine into a rocket engine! I finished the chicken I was cooking on one drum, and was planning to sauce the ribs and sizzle in some sauce over a hot grill for a minute before serving them. So rather than fire up the weber, I decided I would just open up all the intakes on the drum the chicken just came off of and leave the lid off for a while- certainly it would get pretty hot... Well about 5 minutes into "sizzling" the ribs the the entire basket of chicken fat-soaked coals was burning (go figure) and it was so hot over the grate that even with tongs you had a hard time getting your hand near enough to put ribs on there. After searing all of the hair off of my right hand, we abandoned that plan pretty quick and just served the ribs as-is (which was my preference anyway, friend wanted them sauced and put back on, and it was his party... so who am I to complain!) The thermometer on the pit was pegged, well over 500 degrees... So if anyone has to ask "can my UDS get hot enough to cook X thing?" I can without a doubt say "YES!!!"
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