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My concern with a stoker or Guru set-up on a stick burner is that you are closing your intake damper and allowing the machine to take over. Unlike charcoal burning pits like a WSM or an Egg an offset needs constant airflow and without it you're asking for trouble, namely creosote and fluctuating temps.. You can choke way down on a charcoal cooker and with just a few chunks of wood you can get all the smoke that you need with a long steady controlled burn but if you choke down on a stick burner you will end up with smoldering wood and that generates bitter tasting creosote. A Guru will be cutting on and off based on the pit's temp and there will be periods of time with less than adequate air flow followed by temp spikes while it's running. It's just much easier to control temps in an offset with a small, hot fire and open dampers. Remember that with a stick burning offset, you are forcing heat and smoke to go sideways before it gets to go up as it wants to whereas a charcoal burner is normally a type of vertical smoker and the heat and smoke gets to rise as it naturally wants to do from the start. It's all about steady airflow with a stick burner.
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