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Originally Posted by ssbbqguy View Post
I'm going to watch how I respond, but this is what you get when using PARTS of a design. It takes a complete thought to get the mission done, not just pieces here and there. Controlling or diverting the airflow will help. To do so is to use a difuser or smoker plate. Grease on coals suck when done too much. Grease vaporizing on a tuning plate or piece of metal will yield the desired results for a longer period of time and won't pull ashes up with the airflow. That's probably the charred taste you mention. Classic problem when you think you have a smoker when you actually have a grill with a lid. Hope I've expounded the correct way to something that bugs me dearly. Now I'll go back to building real smokers. Steve.
Just to be clear a UDS is a true BBQ pit ( cooking over live fire) an off set is a Smoker supplies heat and smoke indirectly much like a smoke house, two different critters.
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