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The key to generating more smoke in a pellet pooper without the use of a smoke generator such as a amazin tube smoker or smoke daddy is to smoke low and slow at about 180 for a couple hours then bump it up to your actual smoking temps which is 275 for me. Now smoke adheres to moisture so something else I usually do to enhance my smoke flavor in pellet pooper is to spray the meat with some sort of liquid every hour depending on what I'm smoking at the time determines said liquid. This effectively gives me a much moister, smokier flavor to the meat. I to was a stick burner guy for a long time and bought a pellet unit and have not looked back. Yes I am thinking about getting a larger trailer model stick Burner for that holy crap that's a sexy smoker ambiance I want for catering. But that's mainly for aesthetics and to fire it up just to "reheat" what already came off my pellet cooker hahahaha
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