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Originally Posted by Ron_L View Post
A couple of things... (color coded )

While there are some guys on here you have played with smoke generators, they are in the minority. There are ways to get more smoke flavor in a pellet cooker, but a smoke generator is not common, and would be illegal in KCBS competitions since most use electricity.

Define expensive :) I can cook a typical KCBS competition on 8 lbs of pellets. 8 lbs costs me about $3. That's running the smoker for 16 hours.

You can get pellets from anyone who sells pellet smokers or grills, plus some places like Big Poppa Smokers carry them and Big Poppa offers free shipping on orders of $40 or higher.
Thanks for the extra input, I'll check out Big Poppa for the pellets, I've been buying Traeger pellets locally and at $19.00 for #20 it seems quite expensive to me, as for the burn time I haven't really tried a true low and slow but I burned up a bag of pellets doin 4 cooks in the 350 degree range and that just didn't feel right. The lack of smoke flavor, I'm open for some ideas on how to do it, I haven't had my Traeger that long and I'm still trying to learn the better tweeks, I've read a bunch and thats what I was basing some of my answers on and my brief experience as well.
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