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Oignon, le poireau et la tomate provençale tarte

First, I had to make a pastry pie outer and I cooked this on the BSK at 400-500f with an eggwash.

In ze meantime, I sweated 600g of leeks and onions with some butter and OO.

Pastry cooked and a lovely golden color, I pressed the insert down , lovely and flaky, looking good!

We spoon the soft rich onion and leek mixture into the pie shell

Next, we fill with filets of anchovies for delicious saltiness, fresh seasoned medley of heritage mini tomatoes, baby bell peppers fried lightly in bacon fat, speck lardons, black kalamati olives and some fresh continental parsley.

The flakey buttery pastry and fresh zesty tomatoes balanced amazingly, while the salty notes of rich anchovy and olives were heady and the bell peppers and parsley set the high tone for savory zing. The gorgeous crunchy Lardons pushed it over the top!!
We thought we were sitting at a table on the side of the Sienne river in a Parisienne cafe.
That, brothers, was a stunning way to do a BBQ French meal that would have curled Julia Childs toes in ecstacy!

It seems you never really leave high school....

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