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Red face Charred taste with boston butts on Gateway Drum

I'm having an issue when cooking butts on a Gateway Drum. Both times the butts have had a distinct charred taste to the bark.

I've tried multiple rubs with the same results.

Cook 1: 325* temps, Royal Oak lump with cherry chunks. Meat was on top rack closest to lid. Fat cap down. No diffuser. Charred taste. I did 2 butts that were 16 lbs combined. 2 diff rubs, neither one has a ton of sugar. I ASSUMED the charred taste was due to the fat dripping directly onto the coals.

Cook 2: Today, 300* temps, Royal Oak lump with cherry chunks. Fat cap down again. I put in a 3rd rack closest to charcoal basket with a foil wrapped pizza pan set on top of it to act as a diffuser. Meat cooked on top rack closest to lid. Both butts still had a pronounced charred/burnt taste.

I didn't foil or pan either butt until it was time to remove from cooker.


I did 2 racks of spares that turned out phenomenal today though on same drum. They were foiled after 2.5 hours though. I've cooked butts on a 22.5" kettle, 22.5" wsm, 3 diff stick burners, a bws fatboy, etc and never had this issue.
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