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Lightbulb Diabetic Ham

I have family and friends that must limit their sugar intake and I use sugar when curing ham. then I has a thought that I could substitute Splenda for the sugar , I hadn't heard of this being done so I did it anyway.

I made two hams, one with brown sugar and one with Splenda. I started with two boneless leg muscles of about 15 lbs each.

The one in the right is sugar

I let them sit in the sugar, salt, spice solution for two weeks. I then rolled them up and let them sit overnight in the refrigerator.

then on the UDS at 200 to 225 with apple and cherry smoke. This is at IT of 140 when I brushed on a glaze of pineapple, orange juice concentrate, mustard and honey that was pureed then reduced. I added more glaze at an IT of 150.

I took them off at an IT of 160

I let them rest overnight in the refrigerator then sliced.

the one with sugar

and the Splenda one.

It did not last long with the people I gave it to.

Thank you for looking.
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