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Default What did he say?!?

This morning while roaming the meat counter I came accross a sale sign Pork Sirloin Roast $.99/lb. Yep less then a buck. If your wondering the hog plant Indian Packers is about a mile from where I live. Asked and got a just under 2# roast. Walked back across street home
And started thinking what to do... looking in spice cabinet came I saw a packet of a product called Slow Cookers BBQ Pork Seasonings. The hell you say?!? Stick with me I have a point. Not wanting or able to fire up anything to smoke/grill on for the day I figured why not.dumped it in crockpot as per institutions and let it go. If went to chit @ $2 I didn't really care. Got home checked it and yep that was some nasty pulled pork. We all knew it would be. My point? Pork was bad and junked. But the sauce was the best stuff I've ever made. Not that cloying sweet crap people seem to love and had a porkish back flavor to it. With more time to mess with it might be what I'll use at home from now one.

Sorry had to tell it.
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