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Brisket- I'm with ya. I haven't done a lot myself and most of what I have done is just flats. Got a whole packer for today and this is what I did. On the rack till about halfway done, then into the foil. After a couple hours in foil I pulled it out, cut off the point to make burnt ends, and the flat back into the smoker to get a nice bark on it (and saved all the jus in the foil). Once up to temp I re-wrapped flat in foil and a blanket and into the cooler to rest. I skimmed the fat off the jus and added some back in with the flat when i re-wrapped to rest. I also mixed some jus with sauce, apple juice, and some water to make a glaze for the burnt ends and some to serve. I still have some jus/ apple juice mixture set aside that I might reheat to dip leftovers in so they are still nice and juicy and hot when I serve them. The flat is still resting and I smoked the burnt ends for a couple more hours. Sauced the last 30-40 minutes. Getting ready to pull them off. Will post some pr0n when it's all done and let you know how it turned out. As far as temps and times I'm cookin at about 250-265ish for about 6-7 hours on the flat to 195 internal temp, then 2-3 hour rest.
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