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Let me be perfectly clear---I have no interest what-so-ever in this rule.
I have retired from competing and may, or may not, judge any in the future.

My discussion is about the "process" of rule making.

The purpose of any rule is to define or limit behavior for some valid reason.
Take speed limits for instance.
They are there to control speed (hopefully ) for the purpose of reducing accidents and injuries.

For this rule, the "powers that be" need to define what the desired behavior is, and then restrict --- or allow--- it in "plain English".
That is the proper process.

I have seen no clear statement as to the purpose of this rule in defining behavior other than generalities and emotions.

Apparently, some folks feel there is a real or perceived advantage to processing the MM in some sort of special way.
IF that is the desired goal, then the rule should specifically state that you can not separate the MM and be done with it.

Any real or perceived advantage to separating it should be available to all teams as they desire--- or clearly prohibited to all.

The pros and cons of the quality would be sorted out at the judges table.

For this particular rule, I see no problem with a team slicing the butt into "Pork Steaks" or "Pork Burnt Ends" and smoking/grilling them if they are so inclined.
Would be interesting to see the scores from that
Heck, Judges (myself included) are always saying they want "variety and new stuff" as opposed to the same ole chit!
Those entries would become the latest WWW rage or die an ignoble death!

Rule making is a process. The process here is totally missing the best I can see.

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