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The tenderloin was anything but... I did it at 325, and it only took an hour, may have been the cheap hormel tube I used....not sure what I did wrong. It was just too chewy, so I chucked most of it.

The baby backs on the other hand came out decent. They never really passed the bend test until I forced it to after running about 5 hours with pretty consistent temp of 225.... crutched in apple juice for 30 mins after 1.5 hours ala Meathead method. Could've been more tender, but bark and flavor was good. I few pulled clean off the bone, and others didn't. I'm not sure what I did wrong on either cook, but it could've partially been the quality of the meat - the ribs were those kroger moist and tender brand (seemed like they were pre-brined or something).

These were my 3rd and 4th smokes ever - used the mini wsm. So far the only things that were awesome were the fatty and spatchcocked chicken. I've got a lot to learn from you all....
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