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For most of my working career I reviewed, wrote, trained, enforced, and trained folks about Rules and Regulations where the stakes were a lot higher than this rule.
I found that the "Rule of Unintended Consequences" reared it's head any time a rule was overly complex and failed to specifically define the desired behavior.

In this case, it appears that the MM has become a bone of contention for some reason.
I personally see no reason to regulate the cooking of that part of the pork.

When judging, I have seen no advantage what-so-ever to that part of the butt being included or not.
It all gets down to succulent, tender pork seasoned to perfection.
Nothing more, nothing less.

If you just let folks cook the basic meat, the best will rise to the top and the others will fall in line at the awards ceremony.

But, argue on--it is a sport in it's own right thanks the the WWW

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