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Originally Posted by Fat Freddy View Post
I was happy with my scores so definitely not complaining but it sure seems that table 1 was a bad table for most if not all. Seems to me that if someone finished best at the table no matter what the category they should have at least gotten a top 10 call in that category. For me I am still very happy with 11th but what about those teams that landed on table 1 twice, they were messed up from the beginning.
No, your reasoning is flawed. Think of it this way:

A contest has 6 tables. With random selection, it turns out that five brand new teams hit table 1, along with your box. Each of those five new teams are still learning, so they get appropriately low scores. Your product is better, nothing great but it still easily "wins the table". Does that automatically make it a top ten entry?

It's the X factor of the quality of entries each table receives to judge that defeats this idea. Put another way, if you are the best of the worst, that doesn't mean you deserve to walk.
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