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Originally Posted by hachi-roku_fan View Post
Burgers look super moist and awesome. I wonder if that's from your smoking process or from the meat used for the burger
The meat was nowhere near that lean or extra lean crap they push on us. It was regular ground beef - about 20% fat. I kept the temp down during the smoking phase and checked the meat every 8-10 minutes during the last half hour to make sure I did not overcook them. I pull the burgers when they start to get just a little firm in the have to leave some rare meat in the core to allow for grilling later. If I have to refirdgerate the meat while heating up the grill I also leave time to bring it back to room temp.. Cold meat does not go on the grill....sometimes the smoker but never the grill. The grilling stage was done at about 550f. I go buy the lid temp on the Akorn. Steaks are done at 675f. Never done burgers that high as I believe flareups would happen too often to get an even cook.

I have had my temp get away from me during the smoking phase and not pulled the meat out of the chamber. This results in a dry burger. Temp should be kept under 200f in my experience.
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