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okay... so I've read about 9 pages of this thread.. and your all wrong. here's the best idea. hand over the scoring aspect to a current Reality TV production crew. Have the judges discuss and vote on each entry. Think a bunch of tables of American Idol judging. oh, theres a thought.. we could walk in down a long hallway with odd ambient lighting and ominous tones sit with our box and let them pick it apart....

but for real, scoring gets to be a tricky beast, and smarter folks than me should be figuring that out. a few years ago in Charlotte Backyard contest, they had it all farked up. some tables with 4 judges, some with 6. then they just averaged the score. worked out for me when some BOA number nerd figured out that there was an issue and I ended up getting a phone call, a check and a trophy for 2nd place ribs. The team that had been the 2nd place ribs got to keep their prizes and was upset the next year and accused me of being one of the whiners. "Dude, someone called me and told me, someone else called me and mailed me a check.".... But crap like that in contests where city event planners and the fire chief are planning the event and setting judging. KCBS/MBM and the like will tweek it, but someone will never be happy. I know statistics will show a few things, but really it's all a page out of the book "Things That Losers Say"...

and I know this is a touchy subject, and of course i'm just talking smack. I have no idea what i'm talking about. my first KCBS event is next week and I'm just hoping that I make turn in's, much less who was on what table. Now remind me of my sarcastic undertone NEXT week when i'm on here complaining about math errors in my 89th place whatever.. hahahahahaa
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