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Originally Posted by 16Adams View Post
I'm not "saying" I'm "screaming" at the top of my qwerty keyboard.
Pit Barrel Cooker works. Patio Hero time farkers.

Oh, and I spent 219.00 free shipping.
I had a Kingsford discount coupon

PSS: glad you found some matches ;-)
I don't think anyone will argue that a 30 gallon UDS will work the same as a 50 Gallon UDS, but it will be smaller..

and I don't think I said an UDS is a bad option, but if you are going to pay 219$ to have someone build you an "Ugly Drum Smoker" then you should maybe consider at least getting one that will be pretty.

if you were to pay 20$ for a barrel on craigslist, 30$ to get it sandblasted and 139$ from big poppa smokers to buy their kit, and then spend 20$ on paint at lowes, and you will have a bigger, better, and Prettier UDS, at the cost of maybe 2 hours of your time assembling it using very easy to follow instructions. and you would have saved 30$ over the discounted price of your smaller smoker.

that's right 30 dollars less for a functionally identical but bigger, and prettier smoker, WITH a bottle opener built in.
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