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Smile Help for a novice

Hello my name is Pig Man, and I love to eat Pig.

Sounds like a support group doesn't it? We have moved from Memphis and cannot find good pig like we had at home. I need help as I am venturing into uncharted waters. I am a good basic grill guy on the Weber with stuff like,
burgers, steaks and such. Well I have a need of pig, seriously smoked and
loved to perfection. I purchased a Weber performer gold, With a Maverick 732
and yes, as a novice, I purchased a Smokenator. Well I did ribs on them. Ribs my dear brothers!!!

Enough with the poetic waxin' I cooked the ribs for about 5 hours. 3 racks with 3 different rubs. I did enjoy it. My issue is this:

All kinds of websites, theory and sales pitches have worn my brain to a nub. I need help.

A) Is grate temp the best way to measure?

B) To master a consistent temp takes a lot of work with my equipment. Am I
Don Quixote chasing 225 at the grate?

C)To really smoke shoulder (Butts ) and ribs, should I bite the bullet and buy a
smoker? Can happiness be achieved with what I have?

Signed Longing for good Pig
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