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Default My son's 1st birthday party, cooking for 53, numbers check please

There is going to be 53 people (>2 yrs old) and my plan is to make pit beef and pulled pork as the entrees, with cole slaw, macaroni/shrimp salad, and fruit salad for sides. For the fixings for the pulled pork and pit beef, I'm going to have rolls, bbq sauce, horseradish, and onion. Also gonna have chips, pretzels, and french onion dip for munchies. My plan is to cook the pork the night before, and the pit beef the morning of the party.
I am assuming about 6 ounces of cooked meat per serving/sandwich, so that gives me about 20 lbs. cooked weight (# of guests * 6 oz per serving), or 40 lbs raw meat.
What is a good way to figure out how many servings total to make, because there is no way in hell that every single person there is going to have two six ounce sandwiches. My initial thoughts were something like getting 30 lbs of butts and 30 lbs beef, which will effectively be enough for three 6-once sandwiches for every two people.
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