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Originally Posted by K80Shooter View Post
Does anyone have the contact info for Plowboys?

The reason I'm asking is that last week when I was passing through Atlanta I stopped at Bass Pro and purchased some of their rub, I got some yardbird, fin & feather & bovine bold. We were going to grill some wings last night and wanted to try the fin & feather but when we went to open it the seal stayed inside the cap and you could tell the bottle was never sealed from packaging.

The rub had a lot of lumps inside the bottle and when mashed was kinda gooey feeling. Needless to say we did not use the rub. I am wanting to contact Plowboys to see about a replacement. Before anyone ask's Bass Pro is about 100 miles from me so taking it back there is cost prohibitive as well.

Searching the net I am unable to find any kind of contact info. Any one have anything?
They used to be users here..Plowboy I don't know if they are still active here or not....

Your best bet is to contact Cabela's get an RMA and send it back to get a replacement.
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