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Clay Q.......I like the way you boxed the drum and added insulation. I wonder instead of fiberglass insulation if perlite or vermiculite would also be effective as they can take very high temps and are also readily available at most garden centers.
I thought about vermiculite but decided not to because I did not want loose insulation working it's way out the bottom where I have my air intake. Vermiculite would work out good as an insulator though, just pour it in but my drum box is not air tight. I have inside ventelation at each corner of the box where the joints are-panel edge to panel side. There is an intake at each bottom corner and a exhaust at each corner top. You cannot see them because they are under the table top and box. This is to keep the corners relativly cool by allowing airflow to travel into and out of the plywood box. Fiberglass insulation is next to the drum with aluminum sheet flashing encasing the fiberglass on all sides including top and bottom creating a 3" thick heat barrier. The drum is fastened to the plywood bottom using 1 1/4" ceraimic spacers. So far my table has not caught on fire, he he. It's an amazing cooker and I'm having fun.
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