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Originally Posted by creekwalker View Post
ClayQ, did you originally cook with direct heat, as most drum users do? If so, are you still doing so with your superinsulated version? (Still not using a heat deflector?) Are your meat drippings getting vaporized on the lower fires you're burning now?
Most of my cooks are indirect but I often go direct over coals to finish the meat. As an example I cook wings indirect then the last 15 or 20 minutes I'll go direct to crisp up the edges that add both flavor and apperance. My setup in the drum has three grid levels above the charcoal. The one closest to the fire is used to hold a large pizza pan that works as my heat deflector and my drip pan. Two more grids above is for cooking/smoking meat. I have grilled on the lowest grid for searing. I burn 2/3 less lump charcoal after insulating, very pleased with that.
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