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Originally Posted by YankeeBBQ View Post
Do you think the board of directors of any major company knows the complete details of how their products work ? They have technical people for that. I worked at a biomedical research facility for 18 years. We had technical, political and business people on our board of directors. The board is there to make major decisions and steer the direction of the company or organization. It's not the boards job to know the detail of everything going on. It's the boards job to make sure the company has people in place to do that.
You have a point for a major company. However, KCBS is NOT a major company with hundreds or thousands of employees, multiple divisions, and geographically dispersed business units. The board has chosen to release a new scoring system impacting all cooks and judges without guides or documentation. The KCBS BOD is closely involved with the most minute aspects of operations (read any BOD meeting minutes) so I would think any of them should understand how contests are scored by SCORE. It is the biggest change in KCBS contests in a decade (since "all entries start with a '999'"). How are cooks and judges supposed to understand SCORE when the BOD doesn't.
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